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Changes to my service menu and the addition of CEU classes!

Happy middle of 2022 everyone!

I have been so busy in Savannah since i Moved here in 2020.

First off, let me tell you that it's beautiful down here next to the coast. It is also very hot in the summer.

I am now located at Suite Life Spa near Sandfly and Skidaway Island in the Kroger shopping center. Since March, I've been providing wonderful, relaxing massages and bodywork to the area. My service menu has changed, now I am focusing more on "experiences" than are more than just a relaxational massage!

Yes, I have created a steam canopy that allows me to cover the client on the table with a fabric "tent" that pipes in distilled water steam, creating a table top sauna experience. What does it do? It allows steam to be put in a confined environment around the client's body in a safe manner. The temperature is adjustable, too! But why would you want to add that to your massage? After we've completed the massage part, the enclosed sauna space allows muscle and skin tissue to relax, it makes your skin healthier by opening up the pores, and any moisture we've added during the massage (coconut oil, shea butter) will be soaked up! Overall, it's a nice heated finish to any massage session that will calm the client's stress down in many ways.

Finally, and I'm very proud of this, I am a NCBTMB approved CEU provider! YES, I am so excited to kick off this next adventure with my massage career! This means that I will continue being involved in massage therapy academia but teaching the fun, educational classes that you can't get in school. They will mostly focus on hydrotherapy and spa-related themes (scrubs, wraps), but they will be FUN and EASY and INFORMATIVE. I've taken a lot of classes where you're so focused on learning new techniques that you can't enjoy yourself. CEUs are opportunities for professionals to network and mingle, too. I once went to a class hundreds of miles away from my city... only to find out there was someone else there that lived in the neighborhood next to me!

2022 is shaping up to be an eventful year and I hope you will stop by for some of my unique, holistic treatments!

Thanks for stopping by,


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