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My certifications:

Sarga Bodywork:

Table 1

Table 2

Ayurvedic Bodywork:

Kati/Greeva/Janu basti private training - Ritu Bhalla of SukhVeda DFW

Shirodhara and Marma Point Balancing - Kripalu School of Ayurveda

Garshana and Abhyanga - Kripalu School of Ayurveda

Treatments for the Head, hands, and Feet - Kripalu School of Ayurveda

Indian Head Massage, Wolfgang Luckman 

Heated Herbal Ball Massage - Mayumi Hawthorne

Ashiatsu and Ashi Thai from Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Technique:

Barefoot Basics

Anterior and Side Lying

Advanced/Deepfeet 2

Ashi Thai

Usui Reiki

Level 1 - 2014

Level 2 - 2014

Level 3 and Master - 2015


Deep Tissue

Neuromuscular Therapy

Hand, Foot, and Ear Reflexology

Hot Stone

Chair Massage

Thai Yoga 1

Integrative Sports

Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Casley-Smith Method

Level 1 Geriatric Massage

Crystal Therapy

Organic Spa Therapies

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My name is Dana Gunter. I am a licensed and certified Massage Therapist with over 20 years of experience in the massage, bodywork, and spa industry. I am also an NCBTMB-approved provider for CEU classes.

I would describe my style of massage as intuitive (which means I can "listen" to your body and its tension) and relaxing. I believe in Somatic Stress Management: a holistic way of using massage techniques, bodywork rituals, and elements of spa culture to bring guests to a new level of relaxation. No talking during the session unless it's necessary. No music that is disruptive. Quality bodywork from an experienced provider.

I customize each session according to your needs and never sell you on something you don't need, such as more sessions when it's not necessary. we can easily do a posture assessment and make a treatment plan, too. I have plenty of resources to recommend for the at-home care that is affordable and easy to adopt to your lifestyle

The classes that I offer to spa professionals come from the desire to never be complacent on the job. It is VERY EASY to burn out at a high-volume establishment, and, on the other end, a person who does a few clients a month can disinterest an LMT, too. Ever since Virginia College shut down its doors and no other private instructing entity has survived COVID, a huge loss hit the massage and spa industry in Savannah and surrounding areas HARD. And that is where I am stepping in: offering fun and educational classes that can be used right away, things that we kinda already know but we should know MORE about.

Professionals, keep checking the class offerings throughout the year because I will offer many dates (due to keeping the classes small). I will also be updating classes every TWO years, so that you can take more of the same thing (but now it's a different focus), and get your credits. My classes are also opportunities to network with your fellow colleagues in the spa and LMT industries. We definitely need more communication between ourselves to gather knowledge, and reaffirm our worth and work!

All my best,


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