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Warm Gemstone Massage
You won't find this treatment anywhere else in Savannah



Each palm stone has been specifically chosen to match the color and purpose of each chakra. READ about the properties of each STONE by clicking on their names.

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The warm gemstone treatment begins with a relaxing, medium-pressure massage using heated stones that correspond to chakras for that area. Melted shea butter is used to quench the skin with luxurious hydration.

When the therapist finishes the prone and supine sides of the client's body, Reiki energy healing is used to align the chakras and clear auric fields. No big productions of breathing in and out, or focusing on trauma from childhood--it's all about allowing the Reiki master to do her work while doing a massage.

Subtle energy feels exactly like the name: subtle. Clients may feel like a "shift" happened or that they have less foggy minds. Or, perhaps, perceived obstacles are now easier to navigate.

Ultimately, what the client receives is truly unique to the Savannah and Lowcountry areas. Nowhere else in Georgia, South Carolina or Florida offers this service!

Book your session today and experience something exquisite!

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Gemstone Massage and Chakra Alignment

1 hour and 30 minutes


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