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Vital Body Therapeutics

Created by a duo of massage therapists and Advanced Rolfers in 2017 after years of clinical therapy practice, Vital Body Therapeutics is a professional grade line of CBD skincare and pain relief products. The ingredients matter in these products, too: Turmeric, arnica, ginger, dandelion, comfrey, and many other herbs were carefully chosen to enhance the power of the CBD. Quality oils like apricot, prickly pear, rosehip, and coconut oils combine to create something deeply nourishing for everyday use. 

Not only do these products work effectively and feel great--they SMELL GREAT, too! So many CBD products are heavy on the CBD extract smell--not Vital Body. Each product has a unique aromatic flavor meant to give you a sensory experience that uplifts and relaxes. The goal is to leave each person feeling inspired, at ease, and reminded of one’s own inner vitality.

Scroll down below the product information to book a massage and bodywork session using VItal Body CBD products!


Vital Body CBD Spa Experience

This experience begins with a back scrub using the Brilliance Body Scrub, A soothing massage using Radiance Body Oil is then performed, addressing areas of soreness and tension. A scalp massage using drops of the Luminous Facial Oil eases headache and cranial tension while making your skin look amazing. It finishes with a foot scrub and reflexology.  90 minutes - $155

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Upgrade your session

Two-area spot treatment with Muscle & Joint cream - $ 10


• Perfect for relieving achy and sore muscles

• Helps ease pain signals with cooling cream

• Wonderful ginger and arnica scent

Whole body CBD cream application - $ 30

• Fantastic for an active lifestyle needing whole body recovery

  •Signature six herb blend with notes of ginger, arnica, and orange

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