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The Ultimate Massage
A two-hour massage and foot treatment service. 90 minutes is dedicated to massaging the body and 30 minutes is dedicated to pampering the feet with a foot scrub, clay masque and hot stone shea butter massage. It's called the Ultimate because it feels INCREDIBLE!

120 mins - USD $220

Swedish Massage

Enjoy a relaxing session of light to firm pressure massage. Swedish massage is for relaxation and forgetting a stressful week. Deep tissue massage helps with an active and very stressful lifestyle.

60 mins  -   USD $105
90 mins  -   USD $145

Hot Stone Massage

Combine the warm heat of basalt stones with a relaxaing massage for a truly amazing treatment! Very effective for athletes and knotty upper backs.

75 mins  -  USD $115
90 mins  -  USD $145

Deep Tissue Massage

A firm massage technique designed to work through multiple layers of muscle and fascia using techniques that pin and stretch the muscle groups.

60 mins  - USD $115
90 mins - USD $155

Massage is scientifically proven to lower stress, regulate hormones, and improve overall mood.

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